About the REVEAL Study

The REVEAL study is a multicenter, non-interventional, non-randomized, prospective, observational study in an adult population (patients ≥ 18 years old) of men and women who have been diagnosed with clinically overt PV and are being followed in either community or academic medical centers in the United States who will be enrolled over a 12-month period, and observed for 36 months.

Primary Objectives

  • Describe the clinical burden of PV
  • Describe healthcare resource utilization associated with the management of PV

Secondary Objectives

  • Characterize the evolution of the clinical manifestations of and complications from PV
  • Describe practice patterns and therapy strategies in patients treated for PV
  • Describe patterns of sequencing in the introduction of various therapies and how they relate to clinical outcomes
  • Assess the impact of PV on Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), including Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) and work productivity